Tao xue wei long

I said watch only, don't laugh.
Are you alright?
Does it hurt?
You just didn't take my words to the heart.
Star of the week
This student is brainless, he's hopeless.
Yes... always absent-minded, hopeless.
He's ajerk already looks as...
if he's sick.
Never seen a "star" like him.
You two should be looking for the pistol
not looking up the dictionary.

he couldn't hand in his homework today
and was punished by not allowing to go back
the classroom.

You can look into the case
even if you're outside the classroom!

If I fail to hand in homework again,
I'm out of the school.

Then I can't look into anything.
Can you solve this calculation?
Let's see.

I know nothing about trigonometry.
When you first asked me to handle this case,
your attitude was different.
No, he's always like this.
I'm always like this.
My soft words are for cheating you
to get involved.

What about asking some other policemen
to come here...

and solve the Maths.
You're an idiot!
That means disclosing the case to everybody?

Let me tell you finish this case quickly,