Terminator 2: Judgment Day

I can't...
I'm on a roll.
Baby, this is going
to blow them all away.

- It's a neural net processor.
- I know. You told me.

It's a neural net processor.
It thinks and learns like we do.

It's superconducting
at room temperature.

Other computers are just
pocket calculators by comparison.

But why is that
so goddamn important, Miles?

I really need to know...
because sometimes I feel
like I'm going crazy here.

Baby, I am this close.
Come here.
Imagine a jet airliner...
with a pilot that never gets tired,
never makes mistakes...

never shows up to work
with a hangover.

Meet the pilot.
Why did we get married, Miles?
Why did we have these children?

You don't need us.
Your heart and your mind
are in here.

But it doesn't love you
like we do.

I'm sorry.

How about spending some time
with your other babies?

Raging Waters!
Wait in the car.