Xiao ao jiang hu zhi dong fang bu bai

I am coming.
Where are you?
I am here.
- Wine, please.
- Ling!

I didn't know your name.
You've crying.
Life is so short
and so hard to predict.

We're in the same boat.
All I want is only one night,
please stop asking.

Long live...
I'm so glad that the outsiders
and fellows are all loyal to me now.

Chief, your voice differs...
I've been successful
in practicing the supernatural power.

Our invasion to the North.
And our kingdom will come true soon.
Invincible Dawn?
Wu, that old fox is useless now.
He'll ruin my plan only.
I've to kill him
and his followers all.

Yes, sir.
Stab the needle into the artery.
Close his sinus.

"The seas laugh,
lashing on both shores."

"Carried in the waves,
we have only the here and now."

"The heaven laugh at
the troubled world."

"Only they know,
who is to win and lose."

"The mountains laugh,
the rain is affair."

"When the waves grew old,
the world still goes on."

"The clean winds laugh,
such a feeling of solitude."

"My sentiments remain
laughing still."

"The earth laughs, solitude no more."