Zendegi va digar hich

Do you know if the highway is open?
Yes. Where are you going?
To Rudbar.
To Rudbar there is not problem.
But yesterday when we arrived in Manjil
we had to return.

You cannot enter Manjil.
The highway is only open
for the rescue services.

- Many thanks.
- you're welcome.

- Dad?
- What?

What means rescue services?
They are the things that people send
to help the victims..

Of the earthquake.
That's why he said
that only rescue services can pass.

Does it means that today
neither of us can pass that way?

- I'll be thinking of something.
- for example?

I don't know. You give me time.
We haven't arrived yet.

And if we show them the photos of our friends
and we say..

That we are going to help them?
It's not a bad idea.
Dad, what's that over there on top of the mountain?
They are towers of communication,
they transmit the news.

The news of the earthquake was given from there?
Of course.
- Dad?
- What?

- What's that?
- That?

What's throwing so much smoke.
It's a cement factory.
And why hasn't it fallen down?
The cement is very hard.
An earthquake cannot destroy it.

And the other houses are not of cement?
Not, the majority are of clay bricks.
You should remember from that movie.
Maybe the ones that live there went to Teheran..