Zendegi va digar hich

- Dad, I have caught a grasshopper.
- That's bad.

- Why?
- Because they are very dirty.

If you catch them and then you touch the eyes
or the mouth it can make you ill.

Besides grasshoppers live in the country.
Let it go.

Not, I want to raise it until it's big.
I don't know anyone who raises grasshoppers.
Then I'll be the only one in the world
who raises them.

I think it's stupid to hunt grasshoppers
and then to raise them.

I will raise this grasshopper so that he can emigrate.
- Why?
- so that he can emigrate.

Emigrate, you say?
Do you know what that means?

It means that they go from a place to another.
More or less.
I have answered your question,
so you have to answer...
one of mine.

Tell me.
Why do grasshoppers emigrate?
I don't know.
They emigrate because when they have eaten..
The herbs of a field
they go to another
where there is fresh herb.

- You see?
- Yes.

Look inside.
It has red wings.

They are very pretty, dad?
What are you doing?
We almost hit against that truck.

Come, you throw it away
if don't want to annoy me.

I told you to throw it away, son.
You throw it away!
- Have you thrown it away?
- Yes.

Sleep a little.