Zendegi va digar hich

I don't know what our town has done to deserve..
Something so terrible.
It's like a punishment.
Do you mind to pull back
so that I can me pass through?

You are sure that around here there is an exit?
All the roads end some place.
That may be a highway with no exit.
I would not trust myself, dad.
There are people, let's ask.
Excuse me, madam. Does this way go to Koker?
I couldn't say.
You want me to give you a lift?
Not, but I want you to carry the gas cylinder.
It weighs a lot.

Our store is near by.
- Leave it by the roadside.
- Very well.

I thank you with all my heart.
- I will leave it by the roadside.
- Good-bye.

Good-bye. Thanks again, sir.