A Few Good Men

Lt. Commander Galloway.
You know Commander Lawrence?

- I appreciate you seeing me.
- Will you sit down? Have a seat!

- We've had some trouble in Cuba?
- Yes, sir. Last Friday.

Corporal Dawson and Private Downey
assaulted Private William Santiago.

Santiago died in hospital
an hour later.

Naval Intelligence Service says
the two men

wanted to stop Santiago naming
Dawson in a fenceline shooting.

- The hearing's at 1600 hours.
- What's the problem?

They're both model marines.
Santiago was a screw-up.

- It sounds like a Code Red.
- Christ!

I'd Iike to have them
assigned counsel.

Someone who has both the legal skill
and a familiarity with the military.

I'd Iike to suggest that
I be the one who that...

...that it be me who is assigned
to represent them, myself.

- Why don't you get a cup of coffee?
- I'm fine, sir.

Leave the room, so we can
talk about you behind your back.

- Do Code Reds still go on?
- Who knows what goes on there?

We'd better find out soon.
What about this Commander Galloway?

She's been working a desk at
Internal Affairs for a year.

- She did three cases in two years.
- She's not very fast!

- She's not a litigator.
- But she's a great investigator!