A Few Good Men

I believe in God and Jesus Christ,
so I'll say this:

Santiago's death is a tragedy.
But he died because he had no code,
and no honour. And God was watching.

- How do you feel about that theory?
- Sounds good.

Are you going to investigate,
or just take the guided tour?

I'm pacing myself.
They ran around
looking for something white to wave.

Some of them surrendered
to a crew from CNN.

Walk softly and carry an armoured
tank division, I always say.

That was delicious.
- I do have to ask some questions.
- Shoot!

An NlS agent told you that Santiago
knew about a fenceline shooting.

Santiago was going to say who did it
in exchange for a transfer.

If you feel there are any details
I'm missing, tell me.

Thank you.
You called Colonel Markinson and
Lt. Kendrick into your office. And?

We agreed that for his own safety
he should be transferred.

Santiago was set to be transferred?
On the first flight to the States.
0600 next morning.

Five hours too late, it turned out.
All right, that's all.
Thanks very much for your time.

The corporal will drive you back.
- Wait, I've got some questions.
- No, you don't. No!