A League of Their Own

You might need that.
Where"d you find this?
lt was in one of those cartons.
Needs oil.
Who doesn"t?
You ready?
-l"m not going.

l"ve got two children,
l don"t need a third.

Why is it so important that l go?
For one thing, it"d be nice if you
just left the room.

Besides, these are your old friends.
They probably won"t remember me.
The ""Queen of Diamonds,"" Dottie Hinson?
Margaret, it just isn"t a good idea.
Come on, Mom.
You"ll get to see Aunt Kit.

-You never see each other.
-We still won"t.

She"ll be traveling around
with that husband of hers.

Frank. He has a name.
He"s always been very nice to you.
He makes me nervous.
There"s a lot of reasons
why l can"t go.

...l"m not comfortable about this.
l"m not really part of it.

lt was never that important.
lt was just something l did.

When will you realize how special it
was, how much it all meant?

l know how you feel. l really do.
But you"re going.
-Car, train, bus. l"m tired already.
-Sleep on the plane.

Grandma"s out.
ls there a fire?

Julie"s watching you.
l don"t want any bad reports.

-Bye, Grandma.

Jeffrey, come here.
No matter what your brother does,
he"s littler than you.