A League of Their Own

Jimmy, look up here! We love you!
Bullshit. You can all kiss my ass.
That"s right.

Kiss my big hairy ass.
And the Rockford Peaches!
Doris Murphy takes the field!
Lift up your skirt!
This"ll be something.
Ain"t too many people here.
-You nervous, Doris?

l ain"t.
-Are they laughing at us?
-Yeah, they"re laughing at us.

-They hate us.
-Just keep smiling.

Hey, glamour puss!
Can you throw the ball?

All right, ladies, let"s play ball!
-Let"s play ball.
-Dirt in the skirt!

And now, the lineup for Rockford:
Leading off and playing centre
field, number 5, Mae Mordabito!

Batting second and playing 3rd base,
number 22, Doris Murphy!

Batting third, the catcher,
number 8, Dottie Hinson!

Batting fourth and playing 2nd base,
number 32, Marla Hooch.

Girls can"t play ball!
Batting fifth....
Look at me! l"m a ballplayer!
Better look out,
l might break a nail!

--number 1 , Ellen Sue Gotlander.
-lt slipped!
-Batting ninth, pitcher...

...number 23, Kit Keller!
Count"s 2 balls and no strikes to
Rockford"s big catcher, Dottie Hinson.

And it"s in the dirt. 3 and 0.
Let"s see if Jimmy Dugan gives her
the green light on 3 and 0...