mode of transportation!
Excuse me, monkey boy! Aqui; over here!

Here he comes,And what better way
to make your grand entrance on the streets of Agrabah,

than... riding your very own brand new...
camel! Watch out, they spit!
Hm, not enough.
Still not enough. Let's see. What do you need, what you need?

Yes!! Esalalumbo, shimin dumbo!
Talk about your trunk space, check this action out!
Abu, you look good.
He's got the outfit, he's got the elephant,
but we're not through yet.

Hang on to your turban, kid, we're gonna make you a star!
Sir, I have found a solution to the problem with your daughter.
Oh, really?
Right here.
"If the princess has not chosen a husband by the appointed time,
then the sultan shall choose for her."

But Jasmine hated all those suitors!
How could I choose someone she hates?
-Not to worry, my liege.There is more.

If, in the event a suitable prince cannot be found,
a princess must then be wed to...

What? Who?
-The royal vizier! Why, that would!

But, I thought the law says that only a prince
can marry a princess, I'm quite sure.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, my lord.
Yes...desperate measures...
You will order the princess to marry me.
I...will order...the