Alien 3

Once again this is Rumour Control.
Here are the facts.

At 0800 hours, prisoner Murphy,...
..through carelessness on his part,
was found dead in vent shaft 17.

He seems to have been sucked
into a ventilator fan.

At about 2100 hours,...
..prisoner Golic
reappeared in a deranged state.

Prisoners Boggs and Rains are missing.
There seems to be a good chance
that they have met with foul play...

:55:07 the hands of prisoner Golic.
We need to organise
and send out a search party.

Volunteers will be appreciated.
l think it's fair to say
that our smoothly-running facility...

..has suddenly developed a few problems.
l can only hope we are able to all
pull together over the next few days,...

..until the rescue team
arrives for Lt. Ripley.

- lt's here! lt got Clemens!
- Stop this raving at once!

l'm telling you! lt's here!
Aaron, get that foolish woman
back to the infirmary!

Move it! Everybody!