Basic Instinct

What happens?
She kills him.
I'm John Carreli, Miss Tramell,
assistant district attorney.

I have to inform you
this session's being taped.

-This is Captain Tallcott.
-My pleasure.

-And Lieutenant Walker.

-Can we get you a cup of coffee?
-No, thank you.

Are your attorneys
going to join us?

Miss Tramell has waived
her rights to an attorney.

Did I miss something?
I told them you wouldn't
want an attorney present.

Why have you waived your right
to an attorney, Miss Tramell?

Why did you think
I wouldn't want one?

I told them you wouldn't want to hide.
I have nothing to hide.
There's no smoking
in this building.

What are you gonna do?
Charge me with smoking?

Would you tell us the nature
of your relationship with Mr. Boz?

I had sex with him
for about a year and a half.

I liked having sex with him.
He wasn't afraid of experimenting.
I like men like that.
Men who give me pleasure.
He gave me a lot of pleasure.
You ever engage in any
sadomasochistic activity?