l love you, too.
Thanks, Beethoven. You saved my life.
But you better go home now.
Mom said to stay in the backyard.

You kids might be interested to know
that l am a performer...

...Saturday nights at the Padded Zebra.
Gosh! Emily`s in the pool!
The pool?
-What are you doing in the pool?

Get out this instant.
You want to get me into trouble?

-Emily, are you all right?
-l fell in.

Oh, Emily, you must`ve been so scared!
l thought l was gonna die.
You poor little thing.
Now, you were never
in any real danger, were you?

We don`t want you to get into trouble,
so we`ll let this be our little secret.

l`d like to call my mother, please.
-Your mother?

She must`ve snuck out
while l was watching Ted and Ryce.

lt was hot out, so l guess
she wanted to take a little swim.