Bob Roberts

- Certainly it is.
- It is a guaranteed right in our constitution.

- So is burning the flag. Need I say more?
- You need say more.

Or are we to believe that Bob Roberts
wants to see a compliant and silent public

which respects the actions of its presidents,
no matter how immoral or illegal?

- Are you a communist?
- Excuse me?

The choice to be what you want to be.
And I wanted to be... rich.
[Terry] Roberts graduates from Westmoreland
Military Academy with honours in 1977

and is selected as a candidate for a master's
degree in business at Yale University.

In 1980, Roberts graduates from Yale and
begins his phenomenal rise on Wall Street.

Grandma felt guilty about being so rich
And it bothered her until the day she died
But I will take my inheritance
And invest it with pride, yes, invest it
- [crowd joins in]
- With pride

You have just said that our chief executives
are immoral criminals.

I take offence at that, deeply.
I'm an American that believes
intensely in morality

and in the sanctity of the office
of the presidency.

I trust that the American public does not share
your cynical anti-American views

and will cast their votes accordingly,
with pride and conviction.

- Thank you, Kelly and Bob...
- I certainly hope not.

It means you want Americans to cast
their votes based on hatred and ignorance.

You're taking sides, ma'am. You're abusing
your responsibility as a journalist.

I am offended by you, sir. If I ignore
my feelings, I'm taking your side.

Isn't your job one of objectivity?
You're not talking about objectivity.
You're talking about ignorance.