Bob Roberts

In Central America,
he probably popped a couple of heads.

Set up an organisation, Broken Dove, which
supplied transport planes to US operatives.

Got his hands dirty in Iran-Contra,
but the Senate washed him clean.

- I can't recall, sir.
- You can't recall. I see.

Did you or your organisation Broken Dove
have anything to do with a transport plane
downed in Nicaragua...

- Sir...
... on May 23rd, 1987?

The plane was contracted
to fly humanitarian supplies

into impoverished regions
in southern Honduras.

Broken Dove is a private relief corporation.
You had no knowledge of the guns
on that plane?

No, sir.
The three men were all
close business associates of yours?

Rest their souls, yes.
They were patriots acting
on their own volition, their own beliefs.

Can you sum up these beliefs for us?
That the US Congress was restricting
the growth and safeguard of democracy

in Central America.
That the actions of these men,
although against the Boland Amendment,

were nevertheless on the side
of goodness and decency.

I have a copy of an FBI report
regarding traces of cocaine
found on one of the transport planes.

This is sensitive material
that should be dealt with in closed session.

This is an example of the depths to which
the US Congress is prepared to sink.

This is a travesty.
[Terry] The charges were found to be
groundless and Broken Dove was exonerated.

The whole investigation was a sham.
They discovered a secret government of liars
and drug smugglers and did nothing.

Slap on the wrist.
The story died in the major press.

Idiots like me keep investigating
to find out how deep it goes.

I have a contact who claims to have evidence
that connects Broken Dove to a failed
savings and loan. It could be big. Gotta go.

[Hayden] I cannot believe the lies
and innuendo you have been the victim of.

It is clear that you had no involvement with
this escapade and we're wasting your time.