Consenting Adults

Everyone told me
not to come here today...

but I couldn't let
anyone else do this for me.

I suppose I never was
as strong as I pretended.

And I don't have the strength...
to be both the good wife...
and the good mother.
So I'm going to be
the good mother.

I want to take Lori
away from all of this.

I want my name back.
I want a divorce.
Lori is in hell. Richard.
And I can't save you both.
What this does is define
the financial terms of the divorce...

to the satisfaction
of the bondsman.

Along with your car
and musical instruments...

this pays my initial fee
and secures the bond.

She's being very generous.
acting so fast.

Well. You have 24 hours to remove
whatever personal effects you want
from the house.

The rest will be sold at auction
to pay for your defence.

And don't get into any trouble.