Consenting Adults

some broad who got
snuffed in Huntcliffe...

according to you.
the accused snuffer.

I go into court with a thing like that.
they'll laugh in my face.

And the initials KO.
OK. Olivia Kamen...

Oh. Please. Please.
Mr Parker. I'm an old man.

Does it fall to me at this time
of life to have to explain...

the fundamental principles of the judicial
system to a man of your intelligence?

Evidence. Dear boy.

So find it. You old bastard.
Find it.

Help me up.
- Hi. Dad. Bye. Dad.
- Say. Don't slam the door.

- No fighting. Junior. I mean it.
- Mama.

- You called me.
- Yeah. I thought you'd call me back.

l-I normally don't do
business here at my home.

- What'd you find out?
- Daddy's coming now.
I know he promised.

- Why don't you have a seat?
- Ready or not. Here I come.

- No. No. No. No. You can't. You cheated.
- There's not a trace so far.

But there was a woman disappeared that
night. Similar appearance and everything.

Hi. Honey. Uh. The boys
are waiting for you to play basketball.

Oh. This is. Uh. Richard Parker.
that insurance case...

- Hello. Richard. Mm-hmm.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Uh. We'll be finished here in a minute.
- I'm gonna start dinner.

Sorry to intrude.
But I did find the doctor who
signed that death certificate.

Name's. Uh. Dr Pettering.
He also signed Eddy's injury claim.
Seems he was a promising
young doctor in Chicago...

till he got greedy
and blew himself up.

He's got a scar down
one side of his face.

Yeah. Otherwise
he's real good-lookin'.

A month after the murder...
he and Eddy went
into partnership.

They call it a residential treatment centre
for addictive disorders.

There is a third partner.