We're in business.
- Fitz, man.
- Corny.

- Right.
- How are you?

Remember I promised to introduce you
to some of the guys?

You certainly did.
- This is Frank and Sam.
- Hello.

That's Tank there. Over there
playing pool is Robby and Billy.

- This is the big fertilizer man.
- Randall Patrick O'Shannon Fitzpatrick.

- Call me "Fitz. "
- I hear you're good with card tricks.

- You did?
- How are you at the real thing?

You don't want me
sitting in here.

Cards just turn to money
in these hands.

Back home they call me
"The Cleveland Collector. "

He told me that.
They'll call you the "Cleveland Clown"
after we're through with you.

They will?
Sit your ass down.
I don't want any hard feelings here.
I'll take all your money.

I hope I got enough money
to get in this game.

Cut 'em.
Luck be a lady tonight.
Thank you.

I'm sorry. Really.
Must be my lucky day.
Sam, thank you.
Thank you kindly.

This is fun.
Isn't this fun?

- Shit.
- Damn.

- Is this his?
- It must be.

This is a nice truck.
I'd give my dick
for a truck like this.

What would be the use
of having it?

Yeah, right.