He hasn't said that he's out.
What did he say
when you asked him if he's in?

I haven't asked him yet.
No good?
How about some pork tartar?

Some goulash maybe?
How about a little Spam and yogurt?
How about some moo goo gai pan?
Keep your eyes on the man.
Keep that right hand where you can
feel it 'cause you can't see it.

Let's try the double jab.
One, two! All right.

Remember: Keep your elbows in
and turn that punch over.

I got a trick here for you.
This one's a double jab and...

- You got my money?
- Not exactly, but...

Then get out of here.
- Stop trying to be mad at me.
- I'm not trying. I am mad at you.

You're sulking because
of that last night in Moline.

Hold it.
Jose, you take over.

You looked hurt, Roy,
so I stopped the fight.

You lost faith in me.
It was a cash fight.

You kept drilling me that half
of the money is in the acting.

$92,000, man.
I know you're here to piss me
on something, but I'm off the con.

I'm out, completely, forever.
All right.
What do you mean?
If you're not interested,
you're not interested.

- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah.

- How's Mary?
- What?

- She's fine.
- Good.