- How you doing?
- Great.

Ben is not what you would call
one of Gillors most ardent fans.

He is the only one in town,
besides Gillon, who owns his own land.

How'd you manage that?
While everybody else was trying
to get rich off Diggs' last fight...

I went fishing.
It was a real bad time here.
People lost farms
been in the family for years.

Folks really got hurt.
Here it is.
The very ring that Charlie Diggs
himself trained in.

I fixed it up
just the way you wanted.

- What's it doing here?
- Diggs used to work for me.

Asked to put it up so him and his
friends would have a place to practice.

Bought a place over on the river
once he was doing good.

He's still there.
I hear he's kind of a vegetable now.
Oh, he's got his moments.
Mostly sits in his chair
staring out at nothing.

Who's Willie?
Who's Waylon?

I bet you're little Dolly
because you're so pretty.

Yes. Look. See?
Who's Dolly? Who's the pretty one?
You're pretty.

Are you Elvis?
Are you...