Mr. Gillon says
he'll pay $10,000...

to the man who knocks
"Honey" Roy Palmer out.

But, Ham, how do we know
we'll get to fight him...

before somebody else
knocks him out?

Besides, look,
Gillon ain't going to let us go first.

Ham, that's money in the hand.
That's absolutely right, Slim.
What do you say, Ham?
Come on.
- All right.
- Yes!

- Wait a minute.
- What?

Make it look real.
Listen to Roy in the ring.

Don't wave that around.
You hear the man?
Now you hide this good
where nobody can find it.

Don't worry about me.
I hide this plenty good.

Good evening.
I'm Roy Palmer.
I'm the one fighting tonight.

Maybe you didn't hear.
In a way,
it's like you I'm fighting.

But I know it ain't.
I heard what happened,
what they did to you.

things were rough back then.

Sometimes I wonder what would have
happened if I had done things their way.

But you can't fight the money.
That's what I learned.