Thank you.
I gotta get cookir.
I'll see you at the fight.
Ladies and gentlemen,
only 22 minutes until midnight.

Quite an exciting way
to lose $50,000.

I'm willing to side another 50,000
that I don't.

Just you and me.
Luckily, I brought my banker...
who just happens to have
two drafts here that I can sign.

How fortunate. I'm sure Mr. Corsini's
people have done the same for me.

Thank you. Do you have a pen, Paulo?
No, thanks. Just put one out.

I congratulate you on your choice
of starting times:

Making our farm men fight
when they're used to being fast asleep.

Very clever.
I like that.

12:01 a. m. Is when Saturday starts.
Why waste the day?

Hey, Fish.
How's the Big Apple?

A snore compared to what you got
going down here tonight.

You boys have outdone yourself.
Just keep his eyes open and his cuts
closed, and we'll all go home rich.

- Count on it.
- I am.

Buster got us
the top half of the lineup.

I figure Gillon will see how it goes
before he picks the rest.

This looks great for us.
Buck's the only real fight.

Buster had a bimbo come in last night
and wear out Billy all night long.

So he's out of there. Sam Lester
gets the brown bottle treatment.

He'll leave skid marks
from here to Savannah.

The only thing you've got to do, Roy,
is help make these bums look good.

Otherwise, the side action will stink.
I'll make it look like
the "Thrilla in Manila. "

Be sure to keep your mind
on your business.

- Will you stop?
- I'll never stop.

Slim and Ham are covered.
This cost us five grand.