You can bet on that.
I already have.
Who's next?
See this? This man stood up!
That's because he knows he wants it.

In the pressure cooker,
this man wants it.

If "Honey" Roy Palmer
is still standing...

by some freakish reason...
then you put
these big anvils to work...

and put him down
once and for all.

- You got that, Hambone?
- Yes, sir.

- I whoop him good, sir.
- No, you whoop him bad, sir.

- Yes, sir.
- Excuse me, Daddy.

I'd like to switch places with Billy
and fight in the first half.

- It's all right with me.
- Switching places is out!

I need you in the second lineup.
Don't you understand?

All of you guys better understand
if "Honey" Roy Palmer...

is still standing
after 25 rounds of boxing...

don't you know what that means?
That doesn't mean he has boxing skill.
That means he's got a heart!

The man can fight!
But this is what keeps him going...
and this is where you come in.

You take this right hand
and you break the bones in his face.

Then you go in with that Gillon hand
and crush his brain!

You got that, Robby?
You crush his brain.

Everybody grab hands. Come on.
Let's go. Make a circle.

Dear Lord...
please give us
the strength and courage...

to tear this man
from limb to limb.