Hey, man, it's time.
Let me have your chin.

Give me your chin, man.
Yeah! Go get him!
Stick and move!
All right, keep floating!
Back it up! Put him away!
That's it!

- Ref, break it up!
- Let's go! Break!

You, 20 to win 80!
I'll be by the hot dog stand!

Getting old on me?
You go 15 rounds, you're wheezing.

I don't know what's worse:
Fighting him or listening to your mouth.

- That's motivation.
- You call that motivation?

It gets the anger up.
It's good for you.

When I want anger,
all I gotta do is remember Moline.

- Don't start with Moline again.
- Motivation, my ass.

Just get in the ring
and fight this guy.

Back off!
Make him do the work!

- Let's go! Pick it up!
- Go get him, boy!

Come on.
He's killing you. He's busting you up.
You gotta finish him off now.

Show this double-crossing son of a bitch
why they call you "Honey" Roy Palmer.

Do your sweet thing.
And you do it now!
You hear me?

One, two, three...
- four, five...
- He's out!

Six, seven, eight, nine!