Dearest Mina, all is well here.
The Count has insisted
that I remain here for a month.

I can say no more, except I
love you. Ever faithful, Jonathan.

The letters I have written
have undoubtedly sealed my doom.

The Count's gypsies, loyal to the
death to whomever they serve.

Day and night, they fill boxes with
earth from the castle's cellar.

They are to be delivered
to Carfax Abbey in London.

Why do they fill these boxes
with earth?

I love him!
Mina, it's so wonderful.
I've decided.

- I love him and I've said yes!
- Finally.

- The Texan with the big knife?
- No, to my number three.

Lord Arthur Holmwood.
You're to be my maid of honour.

Mina, what is it? It's the most
exciting day of my life.

- You don't seem to care.
- I'm so worried about Jonathan.

This letter I received is so cold.
It's not like him at all.

Mina, don't worry.