Forever Young

Pull her back!
Oh, brother!
Oh, brother!
That's it!
If she has a warranty, I'll take her!
Doesn't seem to need that.
Don't be married to these
Pratt & Whitneys.

Plane needs classic engines.
Have it ready tonight.

Did you see that?
What, Danny? See what?
McCormick. Three "c"s.
- The damnedest thing happened up there.
- Dizzy?

- Feel lightheaded?
- No.

I had a heart attack.
- Didn't it look good?
- Queasiness?

I thought you were in hiding
until you finished your thing.

- Blackout?
- No blackouts.

- Don't work for the airline, okay?
- Thought I wouldn't pull up?

- lt crossed my mind.
- lt crossed mine too.

Headache? Chest pain?
No. I was close enough
to see your license plate.

All of a sudden, in the midst
of it all, I saw Helen.

You had a vision?
No, no vomit. I'm talking to my friend.
We can do Q and A later.

Anything you say. Nice landing.
I thought, "She's coming home tonight.
Pull up!" I hit the ground!

I'm hungry! Want some ribs?
- I'm here because it worked.
- It worked?

Rough around the edges, but it worked!
That's incredible!
No one can know, okay?
Of course.