Just do one thing.
Nibble my ear.
For luck.
Alex, this is a public place.
-I won't race unless you do it.
-You are nuts!

You're serious?
I love you.
-Are you happy?

Come here, pal.
-I want you to meet some guys.
-I thought we had a deal.

You drive and I jive.
Any future planning must
include a little ass-kissing.

So pucker up, buttercup.
Did I oversell this kid, gentlemen?
I think not.

Not just the hottest
rookie on the circuit. . .

. . .he's photogenic, telegenic,
drug-free. . .

. . .and he's good to his mom.
Is that a face that'll sell motor oil,
or what?

Speaks English too. Say a few words
to the nice people.

Hello, son.
Champion Spark Plugs.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Plugs.
Will you excuse us?
Jimmy Connors' attitude.
All unauthorized personnel are warned
to stay clear of this area.