The heat's on you. Slow down.
Walk with a limp.

Think sick.
That's better.
If you look lI ke poison,
no one will touch you.

You gotta look messed up.
LI ke me.

There you go. One blue plate special.
I waited 20 minutes for this shit?!
I'll take it back!
-Brad! What's up?
-What's special today?

You're looking at it.
-Let me speak to her.
-Let me handle this.

I gotta talk to her.
These things can see and hear you.
Your voice over these lines,
you're done for.

Now trust me.
Go! !
You keep looking at me. . .
. . .you'll see me kill you.
Why is there a piece on the table?!
-Put that away.
-He started it.

Hey, you moron!
You messing with my boy here?

Mind your own business.
You'll live longer.

A limo is coming.
In 5 minutes, from the outhouse
to the penthouse.