Glengarry Glen Ross

2306, please.
Hello, honey.
How you doing?

What did he say?

Uh-huh. Is he still there?
How long ago did he leave?

Uh-huh. I'm stopping here,
then I got a little meeting,

and then I'll--
I would if I could.

As soon as I can.
Let me get off and I--

let me get off and I prom--
I promise you it'll be okay.

A bunch of bullshit.
Waste a good man's time.

Hi, could I speak
to Dr. Lowenstein, please?

It's rather important.
Could you get him for me?

Bunch of bullshit trying to make
a living on these deadbeat leads.

I swear to God, Shel,
I'm on a sit today--

Hello, Mrs. Swoboda,
this is Dave Moss.

Yeah, we spoke yesterday.
Now on the Rio Rancho Estates,
we've had a situation just come up.

The president of our company
is in town just one day,

- and he has certain parcels--
- Doctor--

well, could you get--
what do you mean?

He's not there?
I have to speak to him.

Yes, it is fairly urgent.
Mr. Levene.

No, I can't be reached.
I'll get back to him.

He has certain parcels--
certain choice parcels

which he's given me
a hold on for the next 48 hours.