Glengarry Glen Ross

- Was I?
- Yes.

- No.
- Then don't sweat it. You know why?

- No.
- You have nothing to hide.

- When I talk to police, I get nervous.
- Yes, you know who doesn't?

- No. Who?
- Thieves.

I don't know
what I'm going to tell them.

The truth.
Always tell them the truth.

It's the easiest thing
to remember.

Whoa, whoa!

''Ravidam Patel''?
How am I going to make a living
on these deadbeats?

- Where did you get this from, a morgue?
- Look, I'm--

Come on. What's the point?
What's the fucking point?

I got to argue with you,
I got to knock heads with the cops,

I'm busting my balls
to sell your dirt

to deadbeats--
money in the mattress.

I come back, you can't even
keep the contracts safe.

I got to go out--
fuck this shit.

I'm going to go out
and re-close last week's stuff.

No, the word from Murray
is leave them alone.

If he needs a new sig,
he'll go out himself.

- Murray's gonna go out?
- He'll be ''president of the company

just in from out of town,''
all right?

Okay, okay, okay.
Give me this shit.

- I'm giving you three leads.
- Three? I count two.

- There's three leads there.
- Patel? Fuck you.

Fucking Shiva handed
this guy a million dollars,

told him, ''Sign the deal,''
he wouldn't sign.

And the god Vishnu, too,
into the bargain. Fuck you.

You know your business, I know mine.
Your business is being an asshole.

If I find out whose fucking cousin
you are, I'm gonna go to him

and figure out a way
to have your ass-- fuck you!

I'm waiting
for the new leads.

Get the chalk!
Hey! Get the chalk!

Get the--
I did it-- I closed 'em.

I closed the cocksucker.
Get the chalk.

Put me on the board, John.
Put me on the Cadillac board!

pick up the fucking chalk.

- Rick-- eight units, Mountain View.
- You sold eight Mountain View?

You bet your ass!
Who wants to go to lunch?

Who wants to go to lunch--
I'm buying.

Williamson-- $82,000,
12 grand in my commission.

On deadbeat
magazine subscription leads.

- Who?
- Bruce and Harriett Nyborg.