What do you say, Miss O'Day?
I read the probation report,
and it's not good.

I think you're going...
I think you're going to prison...

At least I'm gonna get
my million bucks.

I seen on TV where
that do-gooder's going...

...to a children's hospital.
Visit sick kids at 3:30.

He's a menace.
He's making people wacko.

Who, John Bubber?
Look what he's done to you.
He's making them wacko.

Wacko! Wacko! Wacko!
When's he coming?
I wanna see Bubber.

- Is that him?
- Is he here yet?

- It's just some guy.
- Excuse me? May I help you?

Leave. This ward is off-limits.
If you want to arrange a visit,
you can just go downstairs.

Hi. What's your name, champ?
- José.
- Hi, José.

- Hi, beautiful. What's your name?
- I'm Mandy.

What's your name?
Hi, Cody. I'll be back.

- Hey, Bubber!
- Can I get your autograph?

- Did you save all of those people?
- Yes! All those people!

- Excuse me. I just want to...
- You got a press pass?

No, I forgot it.
Get your hands off me!

- What do you need, an escort?
- I wanna talk to the guy.

Listen, kid.