That was really dumb,
coming out here on this ledge.

Oh, my God. Bernie.
Oh, my God!
Grab him!
John, grab him! Don't!
No, grab him! Grab him!
Yes! Grab him!
Save yourself. You can't help him.
He's gonna pull you over.

No! Never reach out!
I'm gonna put this around you.
- Put the line on him.
- You can't help him.

If he goes, I go. You got that?
- He'll pull you off!
- Put it on him!

Yes, sir. I got it.
Zooming in tighter yet...
...he captures the stark drama
at great personal risk.

Was I afraid? At moments like that,
you don't think about yourself.

You think about the focus,
about f-stop.

You think about the 11 o'clock news...
...everybody counting on you.
Looking good, partner. Hang in there.
You're a goddamn saint, John.
Pardon the vulgarity.
Well, it's true that I saved
Bernard LaPlante's life just now.