Husbands and Wives

There it is. Use it.
He called. l thought it was about
a month after he got my number.

He was polite on the phone.
A little tense.

l can always tell who's inexperienced.
He wanted to meet
at the Americana Hotel.

When l got there he was very polite,
very gentlemanly. Very nervous.

He couldn't go through with it.
He couldn't get it up.

He had pains in his chest.
l thought it was...

...a heart attack, but they passed.
-That was the last you saw of him?
-He called a month later.

We met at the same hotel.
This time we had sex.

Then l started seeing him fairly
regularly, every two, three weeks.

He said he'd seen a psychiatrist
and worked out his problem.

Once l couldn't make it
so l sent a friend.

Then he started seeing both of us.
Then neither one of us
ever saw him again.

-At least he threw the number away.
-Well, as far as l know.

But Jack is not a hooker guy.
He's very strait-laced.
And Sally's cold in bed.
That's no surprise.
She's very cerebral.

Am l cold in bed?
No. Why would you say that?
But l'm inhibited, right?
You said that.

You can't forget that.
We had one minor argument years ago.

Which you blew up into
a major confrontation--

Do you ever want to sleep
with a whore?

Me? No, definitely not.
When l was in college, l did.
You're in an odd mood. Their breakup
has definitely affected you.

You think--
You think we'd ever break up?
What? l'm not planning it, are you?