Neil, I could use some help.
One of my patients, Lesley Hahn,
has been having
unusual dissociative episodes.

- What are you getting?
- Uncertain.

She may have been victimised
by early sexual abuse.

She's on Klonopin,
1.5 milligrams twice a day.

She seemed to be responding,
but then I got a call early this morning.

She was in a blind panic.
She sounded manic, paranoid.

What triggered it?
Some story about
being assaulted last night.

Get this. She said it involved
telephone repairmen

It might be time
for some regressive hypnosis.

Let me talk to her first.
Give her my home address.

Tell her to come by around eight.
Send him in.
Doctor. I've been wanting
to talk to you.

You put one of my patients
back on the street again.

You can't hold someone
in a mental hospital

just because they're acting
weird and disgusting.

The woman pees in subway gratings.
She camps out in front of
Neiman Marcus, chanting obscenities.

Does she have to shoot
the President?

Neil, you're a very talented man.
But before you came,
the average stay was two weeks.

Now it's 4.5 weeks.
That is totally unacceptable.

I know what my patients need.
It's not being dumped on the streets
before they're ready.

Stanley, your system stinks.
This medical centre has operated
successfully for decades.

Long before you showed up.
I have four people in Emergency.
I've got no place for them.

I need two beds from your ward.
Whichever ones, that's your choice.

But by tonight.