so I thought I'd just go to bed early.
I knew that
they were coming to get me.

I wanted to run, I wanted to...
I wanted to scream.
Felt like I was suffocating.

I... I don't remember much else.
But I do know they got into the house.

- How?
- I don't know.

I just... I can't remember.
I don't know!

Did you recognise any of them?
Can you recall their faces?

You don't understand.
They had no faces!

That's the last thing I remember...
until I woke up...
naked on the couch.
I was sick and... disoriented.
Oh, my God!
I thought something was wrong with
the clock, but the one in the kitchen...

The clock in the kitchen
had the same time,

so I guess about...
three hours had passed.

You don't remember
what happened during that time?

It's a total blank.
Was there any sign of forced entry?
The doors, the windows?

No. Everything was still locked.