- Mrs Wilkes!
- Mom, you're bleeding!

- Any history of nosebleeds?
- Not since I was a kid.

Yeah, I remember that.
Were you experiencing headaches
before this?

- No. No.
- Runny nose? Swelling?

- Infection?
- No. It just happened out of the blue.

Well, well. What have we here?
- What?
- You try and hold real still, Mary.

- D'you see something in there?
- Hold real still now.

Something in there?
Ow... Ow!
- What is that?
- I haven't the foggiest.

Looks like... almost like a little pellet.
Or it could be part of a larger object
that's broken off.

Any idea how this became lodged
in your nasal cavity?

No, I haven't.
- No accidents? You haven't fallen?
- No. Nothing.

Most peculiar.
The nosebleed probably resulted
from the shifting of that pellet.

There might be permanent damage.
There's no telling how long
that's been up there.

I'm sure it's nothing serious.
There's no infection.