I like him.
I like him, Doc. He thinks I got talent.
Don't tell him that's the only thing
I know how to paint.

Do you wanna buy it?
Come on, I got a truckload of 'em
in my locker.

- Not today.
- No, huh?

Luanne. Come on, baby,
I'll walk you home.

Come on. Come on.
It's the only thing he ever paints.
- I've got Lesley's test results.
- And?

- All normal.
- That's good news.

Neil, she's becoming more panicky.
She's obsessed
with those missing hours.

I think she's ready.
Let's give it a shot. Set up a session
at my house, Thursday night.

They're coming for me!
I can see them!

They're coming!
Who is? Who are "they"?
I... don't know who they are.
I don't know!

What do you want?
I'm afraid of them!
Please don't touch me!
Don't be afraid, Lesley.
Don't be afraid.

This is not happening now.
This is all in the past.

No! Stay away from me!
They're coming through the walls!