Instead of seeing the true assaulter or
assaulters, she sees something else.

See, her mind is not quite ready
to accept... what it really was.

Not yet.
You have to be patient and understand
what she's going through.

Are you OK? Feeling better?
- Yeah.
- Good.

You asked me who they were,
Dr Chase. I don't know.

But I do know what they're after.
It's me.
A piece of me.
My skin, my blood.
That's what they want.
And they're going to be coming again.
I know it.

You can't just look at one symptom.
You need the whole picture.

She's still a functioning,
integrated person.

A psychotic couldn't
have been hypnotised so easily.

Then where did that stuff come from?
Aliens in spaceships? Little grey
people with burning black eyes?

She's making this up, right?
She's not consciously lying.
Her emotions are very real.

Have you ever encountered
other cases of missing time?

- Other cases?
- There was a guy...

Beach or Leach or something,
asking a while back
about the same sort of thing.

It was all very similar to your case.
Missing time...

- UFOs?
- Yeah, I think it did involve UFOs.

Perfect. That's all we need.
I think you should speak with him.
I'll see if I can come up with his name.