You know your mom and I
need some time together.

Timmy, this isn't like you.
What's the matter, son?

It's... it's Mom.
- What about Mom?
- She scares me now.

Come here.
- What was that?
- Oh! Jeez!

- It wasn't...
- Don't! Stop!

Oh... gosh!
Come on! I haven't laughed this hard
in I don't know how long.

It sure is nice
to see you having fun again.

Things have seemed a mite serious
since I've been home.

I had a talk with Timmy, you know.
He says things
haven't been right with you.

Well, the boy is scared, is what he is.
The boy is scared.

It must have been a trip I took
to see Doc Holton and...

- What trip?
- I had a nosebleed.

He was with me.
It was just a nosebleed, but...

he was scared, probably.
Why was it you didn't tell me
about that?

'Cause it wasn't anything.
I'm gonna have it rechecked
when I visit Leigh.