- I'm not investigating abductions.
- Oh?

Missing time.
Little grey men, large eyes.

Medical probes. Sounds familiar?
Take 100 sightings. 60 aren't reported.
25 are honest misidentifications.

Ten are BS
of the National Enquirer variety.

The remaining five?
Ah, the remaining five.

Amazing, incredible,
totally unidentified and entirely real.

I've been onto abductions for years,
long before they became fashionable.

Look, I didn't just come here
to have dinner and a few laughs.

- We need each other, Doctor.
- How d'you figure that?

I've been hosting regular meetings
of abductees,

a sort of group therapy session.
We are in dire need of a professional
who can help heal them,
lend credibility to their plight.

You just don't get it, do you, Leach?
I'm not interested in UFOs.

I didn't like fairy tales as a kid.
But one of your own patients
is an abductee, Doctor.

You look for answers in the stars,
Mr Leach.

I'll find mine right here on earth.
I have never understood
you so-called men of science.

Something comes along,
exciting and wildly important,

and you turn your back on it
just because it doesn't fit inside
your box-like view of the universe.

Don't bother, I'll find my own way out.
Goodnight, young lady.
You're not scientists, you're cowards!