I kinda liked him. He's funny!
You're funny.
Thank you very much.
Hi, guys!
Whoa, Timmy! Look at you!
You've got so big, I don't believe it!

- Mary, it's so good to see you!
- Great to see you.

How was your flight? See a movie?
Yeah. Can I go to a Dodger game
before I leave?

What do you think? Bet you're hungry.
How about a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich?

- Yeah!
- Iced tea, Leigh?

- Sounds good.
- Then we'll go swimming.

I still have no idea how I got to that diner.
I have no memory of it at all.

Had you been... drinking?
No. I haven't touched a drop in years.
I haven't... No.
It was different, Leigh.
This was different.

I think I'm going crazy.
Do you remember that tornado warning
for the next county on Dad's radio?

Yes, I remember. Every time
the wind blew you'd get the jitters.