With who? Who are they?
Little men! Little grey men!
Oh, please...
don't make me go with them again!

They're putting something in my nose!
Ow... Ow!
Ow! Oh, it hurts. Stop them!
- Mary...
- It hurts!

Mary, feel my hand...
Mary, you're here now.

You're here now, you're safe.
It's not happening now.

Mary, you're safe here.
You're with me. You're OK, Mary.

I want you to relax.
Relax, Mary. You're safe.

That is absolutely incredible!
I know. Their stories were almost
identical in intricate and specific detail.

That's why I've got to know more about
Mary. Are there any more similarities?

Something in your family history.
What do you mean? Like what?
You're her older sister. You might know
what she's forgotten or repressed.

Things so frightening that a young girl
can't bury them in her memory.