- He was the greatest.
- There you go, two lemonades.

- Thanks.
- Look what Neil gave me.

- His favourite Dodger. How'd you get it?
- He was my patient.

We found out that hypnosis
can't overcome a good curveball.

You're gonna spoil him.
How come a kid gets something good
and some grown-up says it'll spoil him?

Because that's our job.
- Leigh!
- Yeah?

- I can't find Timmy's sweatshirt.
- Stay out of trouble.

What does she mean,
"stay out of trouble"?

- That's the way girls talk.
- Yeah, right.

I love these old cards. Kluszewski.
Now, there was another hitter.

He looked like a football player,
this guy. Huge guy.

What are these?
Hey... did you draw these?

Hey, that's very good.
That's terrific.
You are an artist.
What are these?
The monsters that come into my house.
You mean in make-believe?
No, they're real.
How do you know they're real, Timmy?
Have you seen them?

No, but I hear them sometimes,
at night when they come for my mom.