OK, let's go.
Why'd you keep this from me?
I didn't want you to think
that I was crazy.

The first thing I'm gonna do
is call the police and I'm gonna...

- Joe, it's not gonna do any good.
- Damn it. Don't tell me that!

Somebody does God knows what to you
and the police can't help?

I told you what
that psychiatrist in L.A. Said.

Mary, I love you and you know that,
and I'd do anything for you,

but, honey, please
don't ask me to believe in little grey men.

Something is happening to me
and something is happening to Timmy!

Whoever is doing it
is going to come back. I know it.

- So that's the fancy L.A. Shrink, huh?
- He's here to help us, Joe.

Oh, Mary...
- Mary.
- Thanks for coming. My husband Joe.

- Hi, Joe.
- Yeah. Glad you could make it.

- How is he?
- What do they want with him?

He's just a little boy.
Oh, honey.
Leigh, I've never seen a boy act this way.
Let me get that.