I was calling you! I was yelling
and you didn't even come!

I tried, but I couldn't get in!
They hurt me! Why didn't you
stop them? They hurt me!

I'm sorry, Timmy. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, but there's no way
I'm buying this UFO business.

Joe, open your mind.
People have spotted too many strange
lights in the sky to disregard it.

Open my mind?
Father, help me out here, would you?

Would you tell the lovely young lady
how God and aliens just don't mix?

Would you also tell her how there's
no mention of UFOs in the good book?

Am I right?
I know you don't believe in such things.

Don't be so sure. I believe there's a place
in God's creation for many things.

The more fantastic the universe,
the greater the glory of its creator.

Don't you agree, Dr Chase?
I'm sure the universe is fantastic,
but I believe when we solve this,

we'll find out
it's an entirely terrestrial mystery.

There you go.
How do you explain Mary
and that woman in L.A.?

What other woman?
I'm working with a patient who seems
to have had a parallel experience.

Really? What does she say? Has she
seen them? Has she seen their eyes?

I'd rather not reveal details.
I don't want you influenced.

- We still have more work to do.
- I know.

There's a lot I don't remember. Wow.
Another hypnosis session would be
helpful. We'll explore that in the morning.