Help me... Please...
Help me.
What is it?
Be careful. It might be armed.
Get in there and check this out.
Alert security and find out
what the situation is here.

Ha... Hey... Hey...
This one might be alive!
We could help him!

- You're coming with us.
- Ain't you gonna help him, sir?

We'll take care of that.
Help me get him out.

Someone's got to help him, sir!
Somebody help him. He needs help.

- He needs help!
- Get him out of here!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Ain't you all gonna help them people?

I ain't done nothing! Those people
need help! They need your help!

Wait a minute!
They kept at me for three days...
until I signed their papers, said I was...
I was on something.
Then they took me to the site.