Sit down, Doctor.
Hold all calls, please.
You're becoming involved with
some questionable things, Neil.

What exactly
are you referring to, Stanley?

This... lunatic fringe
you're associating with,

it's unbecoming a man of your position.
I'm trying to help people.
I am sure you're well intentioned,
but word is starting to get around.

What is that supposed to mean?
- Talk.
- Talk.

In professional circles, our circles.
It's very embarrassing to have
one of your own... look so ridiculous.

Get out now, Neil, for your own good.
I'll tell you something, Doctor.
I'm sick of all this sudden good advice.

Who else are you talking to?
I'm just telling you as a friend.
I'm doing you a favour.

Yeah, well, keep your favours, Doctor.
Don't kid yourself.
We have never been friends.

I'm ordering you to drop all discussions
of so-called abductions.

- You have enough to do already.
- I am well aware of my responsibilities.

I hope so, Neil, and one other thing:
That patient of yours, Gene Randall,
he's being released today.

That'll be all, Doctor.