I know they'll be coming for me again.
They always come back.

My name is Ruth Kennedy.
I'm a housewife and I don't think
we should be afraid of them.

I feel like the initial fear is on our side.
An all too human fear of the unknown.
My name is Margaret Hussey.
I'm a stockbroker.

I feel fortunate that they selected me.
I think we're all really lucky.
We've been chosen for a higher purpose.
We should be proud
of being marked in this way.

Javier Perez. I'm a foreman.
We're laboratory rats, that's all.
They've been manipulating
my life since I was a little boy...

and they never asked permission.
They never once asked.
You know what the hardest part is?
The isolation, the ridicule,
the self-doubt.
Half the time you're wondering
if you're going crazy.

Half the time everyone thinks you are.
Yeah, it's true.
How many of you were children
when you were first abducted?

You see, that's how
it usually starts for most of them.

I asked Lesley and Ray to come with me
because I thought the people here,
more than anyone else in the world,