I'll be here, every other Tuesday.
- You're addressing an SPA conference.
- How'd you know that?

One of my colleagues from the university
is going. What will you be talking about?

- I know what I'd like to talk about.
- Why don't you?

You'd be trailblazing.
No one in your position
has had the guts to speak out.

It's a unique opportunity.
People with new ideas
are often called crackpots or worse.

Then one day the world catches up.
Then they're called visionaries.
Think about it.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Our final speaker tonight
is someone very close to me.

A highly respected colleague
at the medical centre and a dear friend.

His paper on post-traumatic stress
is must reading in the whole community.

His subject tonight is the aftermath
in adult life of childhood sexual abuse.

Please welcome Dr Neil Chase.
Thank you. It's nice to be here
and to see so many familiar faces.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the treatment of adults who have
experienced sexual child abuse

is often buried
so deeply in the unconscious

that a patient will vehemently deny
that it ever took place.